Huwebes, Hunyo 9, 2011

Pension Ivatan Restaurant

Cuisine: Ivatan
Restaurant Features: Bar, Pasio Dine in
Location: Kayvaluganan, Basco, Batanes

Atmosphere: The restaurant is air conditioned dining area for 40 guests equipped with a bar; also show casing Batanes Antiques and Arts and Crafts. It is also available for small group Conference, Scientific Meeting or Round Table Discussions and Guest also enjoy Al Fresco dining and have a taste of Ivatan Cuisine; fresh air and very relaxing.


Seafoods Platter: consist of lobster, uvod balls, coconut crabs, tomatoes, vunes [made of dried (aka taro)
                              leaves), and kananiz
                                                                      Price: P600.00
Filipino Platter: consist of crispy pata, inihaw na chicken, pusit, vunes, barbeque stick, fried
                           lumpia, luniz and uvod balls
Price: P600.00
Grilled Norwegian Salmon Steak:                        P250.00
Crispy Pata:                                                           P220.00
Crispy Fried Noodles:                                           P  60.00
Fish in Mushroom with Herb-Butter Sauce:           P180.00
Spicy Beef Mami:                                                  P  40.00
Kare-Kare:                                                             P160.00
Camaron Rebosado:                                              P195.00
Special Pancit Ivatan                                             P  40.00
Sizzling Pancit Ivatan                                             P  60.00
Sizzling Pork Sisig                                                  P130.00

Sizzling Kananiz: serve in sizzling plate.      P130.00


Stir Fried Kananiz/Pusit:                              P 150.00
Steamed Lobster:                                         P   50.00/100g
Steamed Coconut Crabs:                             P   80.00/100g
Uvod Balls      (8 pcs.): Made from core of banana tree trunk.
                                                          Price:    P 120.00
Vunes: Made of dried gabi (aka taro) leaves.
                                                          Price:    P 100.00

Yellow Rice                                                   P   25.00


  • Beef Tapa                                           P 80.00
  • Longaniza                                           P 80.00
  • Fried Bangus                                      P 80.00
  • Tocino                                                 P 80.00
(with garlic rice, egg & coffee)

  • Ham, toasted bread, butter, & egg    P100.00
  • Bacon, toasted bread, butter & egg   P100.00
  • Hotdog, toasted bread, butter & egg P100.00

Porkchop Steak                                              P 150.00
Beef Tenderloin Steak                                   P 150.00
Grilled Norwegian Salmon Steak                  P 250.00
(Served with steamed rice & Vegetable sidings)

INIHAW na Pusit / Kananiz                          P 120.00
INIHAW na Manok                                      P 120.00
GRILLED Pork Chop                                   P 120.00
INIHAW na Tilapia                                       P 120.00
INIHAW na Daing na Bangus                      P 120.00
INIHAW na Tadyang ng Baka                     P 120.00


Pork BBQ Skewer (2 sticks with java rice)   P 80.00
Chicken BBQ (with java rice)                                       P 150.00
Pork Spareribs BBQ (with java rice)                        P 150.00

Pork BBQ Stick                                              P   20.00/stick
Sizzling Pork Sisig                                           P 180.00
Beef Tapa                                                        P 160.00
Calamares Fritos w/ Tartar Sauce                  P 130.00
Camote Fries                                                   P   80.00


Bulalo Soup                                                     P   50.00
Nilagang Baboy                                              P 150.00
Cream of Mushroom Soup                             P   40.00
Sinigang na baboy                                           P 150.00
Sinigang na Salmon                                         P 250.00
Sinigang na Ulo ng Salmon                             P 200.00
Sinigang na Sugpo                                           P 195.00


Chopsuey                                                          P 150.00
Pinakbet                                                            P 150.00
Mix Ivatan Express                                         P 150.00
Chicken Joy (5pcs.)                                          P 150.00
Fried Chicken half                                            P 125.00
Fried Chicken whole                                         P 250.00
Lechon Kawali                                                  P 160.00
Beefsteak Tagalog                                           P 160.00
Beef Kare-kare                                                P 160.00
Crispy Pata                                                       P 200.00


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